Sunday, February 22, 2009

It Rained and Rained and Rained

Well it actually didn't rain, but we had a wonderful shower.

This wonderful group of women decided to bless our family with a shower. It was so nice. Kendra volunteered her house which she decorated with items from the babies room and everyone else I think helped with the food. The centerpiece Ginny did and it will go great in the babies room. It looks like a lady bug.

Here is the star of the party. He pretty much slept the whole time. No one got to see his eyes open. Yes his shirt does say Momma's Boy. What I would give to have those skinny legs.

Doesn't he have a cute tushi.

Nannie and Memaw came over for the big event.The Guest:


Pam, Julie, Miranda, Wendy, Ginny

Aunt Stephanie, Rachel, Memaw

Julie & Miranda

Nannie & Titus

Susan, Jennifer, Katie, Kelly, Gail

Wendy & Ginny

The food was excellent.

I won't mention how many of these cookies I have eaten. I got to take the leftovers home with me.

Are these not so cool. The holder that looks like a cupcake wrapper is actually made out of chocolate. Gail made these. She is one talented lady. The plate behind these were mini cheesecakes. I won't tell how many of these I ate either. Lets just say I know what each flavor tasted like.

We are so blessed to have such generous friends and family and church family.
These are most of the diapers and wipes that we got. I have already used some so they are not all pictured. It should be a while before we have to buy any.

Receiving blankets, nail clippers, wash clothes. & sleepers

Just in case he ever needs a bath. Boys are usually pretty clean. hahaha
The little package at the bottom is homemade soap. It smells really good.
More diapers and wipes with a cute little bucket.


Aunt Stephanie put my name on this one.



Gail put his name on this bib. It is so cute. The ears have teethers on the end of them. Is that not cool.

Memaw made this baby blanket for Titus. The back of it is flannel. It is adorable.
When sippy cups are about 7 years old it is time for some new ones.

I was very much looking forward to this gift. J.J. made the diaper bag and Gail did the embroidery and made the wipes case and burp cloth to match. The diaper bag even has compartments inside it.

Bath towel

We also got another homemade towel and jacket that I have already put up. One of the students that I teach in Sunday School mother made it for me. He was so excited to give it to me. It is really cute. We got an ear thermometer. I have already been playing with it so I didn't get its picture either. It talks to you. I also got some smell good stuff for me. Kendra and Karen cleaned my house for me as part of my baby gift. Now isn't that an awesome gift.
I just can't say how blessed we are to have so many people help us celebrate the birth of Titus.


Suzette said...

What an awesome shower! I love the diaper bag and the bib that Gail gave you!

*You look great!

Cassie said... said...

I'm glad you had a great shower. I wish I could have been there for it, but chemo does trump shower in a game of cards! I love all the can never ever ever have to many diapers.

Darian said...

He is precious! It sounds like you have some amazing friends.

Leah said...

Look how pretty Kendra's house looks! The shower decor is so cute and the food looked so yummy! You are lookin' great, Bekah, no matter how many of those cookies you ate! You got a ton of great stuff, too. I know it was fun to hang out with the girls and to show off the newest little Disheroon!

Oh, and I'm gonna have to email Gail about those cupcake holders...interesting!!! She's such a good cook!

Anonymous said...

I really wish I could have come and celebrated with you at the shower! Busy with basketball, birthday and braces! It looks like you had a nice one! Still can't wait to sniff (and hold) your sweet new baby boy! I know you can do the breast feeding thing! I had trouble with Ryan too! Praying for you and yours.