Friday, October 30, 2015

Sometime God Changes You

So if anyone told me a few years ago that I would teaching a bunch of stinky fifth graders on Wednesday night I would have said "maybe".  If they would have said that people would come by an close your door to the classroom because the music was so loud I would have thought...never.

This last week our whole family was able to go see Woodlawn.  We never all go to the movies unless it is the cheap one.  For a family our size to go to the movies at regular price with concession is a small fortune and just seems like such a waste of money to this momma.  I am sure my boys would disagree but then again they are not the ones paying for it.  Cross Church decided to go outside the box to reach the lost.  Granted they do have a lot of resources to be able to support this type of event.  They invited all of the Farmington football boys AND THEIR FAMILIES to a free night at the movies.  Which included popcorn and a drink...can I get an amen.  They offered this to many schools in our area just to have the opportunity to tell people about Jesus.  At the end of the movie their youth pastor gave the plan of salvation to all that attended.  I have heard that over three hundred decisions have been made after the showing of this movie.  Talk about a good return for your buck.

That leads me back to my point.  Sometimes God changes you and the way you reach people.  If anyone came to my house when it was only me at home you would meet silence.  I just don't like noise.  I don't turn the TV or Radio on EVER when I get to choose what is happening in our house.  This is probably the reason my babies use to freak out when we would go to a loud restaurant they just were not use to the noise.

Okay back to the point....Fifth graders are loud.  They like everything they do to be loud.  Seriously Andrew our lovely, wonderful, sweet fifth grader is the loudest child known to man.  Just be around him for more than a few seconds and you will notice this.  God was preparing me to take this class when he gave us this special gift eleven years ago.

We were playing the above song the other night in class and  it was loud.... but that is okay.  I did have one person mention something about "this is the church you know" with a smile on their face as they shut the door.

God has pulled me out of my comfort zone and made me listen to loud music....I know, I know crazy talk.  If this loud music is able to pull kids into our class and in turn they here about my Jesus.  Turn it up baby and lets rock out!!!

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