Thursday, October 15, 2015

Is He Greater Than the Rain?

I have decided life is really hard.  Sometimes it just doesn't seem fair.  I have asked myself over and over am I doing this parenting thing right.  We had eighteen awesome fifth graders last night in class.  Some of these children come from hard places and some of them come from wonderful homes.  Where will these children be in seven years?  Will they be warriors for the one true God or will they choose the broad road that leads to destruction?  Last night we talked about how we are all different but we needed each other.  That God has built us to need other people and to need him.  We are not to be alone.  How many of these Wednesday nights will they remember?  Will there be anything that will stick with them when they start having to make those really hard decisions on which road they will take?  What will I do as a parent?  If they choose the broad road, how will I be able to love them back into a right relationship with their family and with their God.  Will they want my help or will they turn their back on everything they have been taught?  How will I handle this?  Will I choose to praise him in the rain.

I do know that from past experience that our only hope is in Jesus. For those people in really hard places right now....He is there.  For those who have experienced past hurts...He was there.  For those people who are heading in the direction of your hurt...He will be there.  

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