Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Labor 2010

We had such a good time this weekend visiting family, eating and just hanging out. Mom and dad grilled out for everyone.  It was great.  We had burgers, chicken, hot dogs, potato salad, bake beans, and lots of desserts.

We let Noah drive the dirt bike by himself for the first time..  Let's just say momma might have been just a little bit nervous.  He didn't even wreck once, at least he didn't tell me if he did.  (he is one smart kid)

Since Ti is the baby of the family.  He gets to do whatever he wants.  Cousin Karli is letting him play with her phone.

Did I mention everyone does exactly what Ti wants them to do.  Like pull him around in the wagon.

For all of you city folks this is called grass sledding.  You need lots of wide open space and lots of fresh cow patties.    The object is to throw your passengers off into the cow patties.  lol

The boys love this.  The mommas don't necessarily like doing the laundry afterwards but that is okay because they were wearing memaw and papaw's coveralls.  lol
Madison was trying to keep stuff out of his mouth.
Andrew wore a helmet just in case he landed on a rock.  Come to think of it, that would probably been a good idea for all the kids.
You know you are having fun when your face is this dirty and you lucked out and didn't eat any poop.

Speaking of faces, I just love this one.

Even Lilly enjoyed setting around while everyone visited.  The weather was perfect.
The boys asked papaw to saddle up a horse so they could ride.  Of course he didn't say no.  Papaws are excellent at saying yes.

We had such a good time just hanging out with the family.

After such a big day Papaw can go to sleep anywhere.  Even with a toothpick still in his mouth.


MarytheKay said...

Cute pictures! My favorite is in the helmet, getting a drink out of the red cup. He looks really thirsty! :-)

Suz said...

How fun and nasty all at the same time! Lol! I love where you guys live!

Momx6 said...

Fun times! Love seeing all your family!