Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Weekend Get Away

This handsome guy and I got to have a weekend getaway.  We went to Athens, Georgia.  Tim and Brian went to the game while Kendra and I walked around downtown looking in all the little shops.  Which by the way there is a weird smell in most of the shops and everyone likes to wear really short skirts.  Random I know.

One of the things Tim and I always try to do when we go on a trip is to eat at really good restaurants.  We usually try to go to restaurants that are on Dinners, Drive ins, and Dives TV show or Man Versus food TV show.  Yes, we are just weird like that.

This place was great.  The people were so friendly.  They brought out a few appetizers for us to try.  It was great.  I got my camera out and they started bringing the food.  They either thought I was going to talk about them on something that people actually read or they were fixing to close so they were trying to get rid of some food.  Either way we lucked out.

This was the first time I tried fried green tomatoes.  They were wonderful.
This was the cucumber salad Kendra ordered.  She said it was yummy.
I am a bread girl so I really enjoyed the wheat rolls.  You could choose white, wheat or corn bread.  So many choices.  I am not good at having to choose so I chose all three.
Then they brought us out these beauties.  Brian did mention he thought these were the best fried shrimp he had ever had.  Have I mentioned that there was a lot of fried food at this place.  My arteries are clogging just having to type these words out.

This was Tim's plate of Fried (there's that word again) chicken.  Needless to say he couldn't eat it all.  It was like a whole chicken.

My sides - squash casserole and onion rings.
Kendra got black eye peas and twice baked potatoes.
Kendra really liked the sweet potato fries. 

My fried chicken.  I couldn't eat all of mine either.  Especially after eating the fried green tomatoes.  Did I mention I really liked the tomatoes.

The only downside to this restaurant is that it was right beside this store.  These stores were everywhere as we were driving in this part of Atlanta.  I would probably not have felt comfortable driving there by myself.  I guess I am a little sheltered here in north west Arkansas.

On our way home we ate at Baumhowers.
We got fried pickles for an appetizers.  They were super yummy. 

Tim's burger.

My pot roast Philly sandwich.  It was wonderful.  I mean really wonderful.  The meat reminded me of my mom's roast which I haven't seem to master yet.  I remember growing up and on Sunday night we would eat roast sandwiches from the leftover roast she had made for lunch.  Good memories.

Kendra's nachos

One of the things that makes a weekend getaway great is having good friends to come along.  Thanks to the Hester's for hanging out with us.

Just to let you know.  Athens Georgia is a really, reeeeeaaaaallllllyyyy long way away.  The next time we go this far to a game we will be flying.  By the way, the Razorbacks won so the boys were in a good mood on the way home.  Can you tell, I really go on the trips for the food.  lol

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Leah said...

Glad y'all had a great time! All that food looks fantastic--except for the fried pickles. I had those last Friday night, and let's just say this pregnant girl doesn't want to see fried pickles for a LOOOONNNGG time. :)

Wish we could have gone with you. And I'm glad, for your sake, the Hogs won. I was thinking about how long your trip from Memphis to Fayetteville probably was last year with the loss to Ole Miss...this would have been way worse since it's a much longer drive. ha!

Momx6 said...

Good for you! Loved seeing all the yummy food!