Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sheep 2010

Thursday evening was the sale. 

Look at those cute tushes.

Hill Electric bought Noah's sheep.  Well they really don't buy the sheep they give Noah money for all his hard work.  We usually let Noah buy something he wants with his money and then the rest of it goes into his college fund.  So really Hill Electric gave him a gift that will keep on giving.  There were a lot of very generous businesses that make the fair such a success.

We went to the awards ceremony Friday evening.  Noah got a really nice embroidered boot bag for winning showmanship.

Andrew got 10.00 for getting the Bethel Grove 4h award.

Friday evening  we had the Ladies and Gents Events.  In this event the child has to wear something made out of wool while walking their sheep around the arena.  I am sure everyone wants to know what Tim wrote up to go with their costumes so I have included the write up below each picture.

A Big Thanks goes to Mrs. Imogene for making their black wool vest.  They worked perfectly.

This is Noah Disheroon playing the role as one of the three little pigs along with his lamb Tommy who is the big bad wolf. Noah’s vest is made from a wool blend material, while Tommy the wolf is perfectly disguised as a lamb with his 100% wool coat. As you can see, the little pig seems to be leading a lamb around the ring. Little does he know that it is really a wolf disguised as a lamb. Noah is 8 years old and currently in 3rd grade. He attends Folsom Elementary in Farmington. He is enjoying school, especially P.E. His favorite subject in school is Math. His hobbies include basketball, baseball, and many other outdoor activities. He also enjoys playing video games, watching TV, and playing with their family pet Laci.


Here is Andrew Disheroon disguised as a wolf, and his lamb Lilly is little red riding hood. Andrew was once a member of the three little pigs but has switched over to the dark side with the wolves. He is waiting for just the right moment to pounce on Little Red Riding Hood. Andrew is wearing a wool blend vest while Lilly is wearing a red wool blend cape in addition to her naturally soft wool coat. Andrew is 6 years old and is in Kindergarten at Folsom Elementary in Farmington. He is enjoying school so far and likes his teachers and all the activities involved with the school day. He also enjoys basketball and other sports as well as playing with his toys and the family dog.

Ti was so proud of his blue ribbon.

Noah helped Ti walk around the Arena.  He stayed all of 10 seconds.   Oh well he still got the award.

This is Titus Disheroon and he is also a member of the three little pigs. He is leading his lamb Elizabeth who is playing the role of a big bad wolf. Titus is wearing a vest made of a wool blend material, and Elizabeth the wolf is disguised by her naturally wool coat. Titus doesn’t seem to mind that there is a wolf walking right beside him as he strolls around the ring. Titus is 18 months old, and he enjoys playing with his big brothers all of the time. His favorite thing to do is go outside and play.

Now don't you just feel like you were there. lol

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