Saturday, November 7, 2009

Sound Off

It is amazing how everyone is so different.  We each have things that we are passionate about.  Some things that might not be a big deal a year ago might be a huge thing now.  For example a year ago it didn't matter if we had dog hair in the floor or small toys laying around and now that is a big deal.  Anyway I thought I  would make a list of hates/loves so that next year I can look back and see how I might have changed.

I Love the feel of Ti hands on my face.  When he is tired he loves to play with my nose or lips or actually anything on my face as he goes to sleep.  I don't even mind him pulling my hair with those sweet chubby fingers.

I Hate being lied too.  Even if it is not a big lie such as not keeping a confidence.  I have trouble ever trusting someone that I know has lied to me.  I am always wondering if they are telling me the truth.

I Love for Andrew to come get in our bed in the morning and say "mom lets cuddle"  I don't care if he is 5 and he probably wont do it much longer.  I savor those sweet moments.

I Hate not being busy.  Thus the blogging.  I think watching TV is such a waste of time. 

I Love how Noah can memorize anything.  How I never have to wonder how he is doing in school.

I Hate for my kids to disobey.

I Love my feet massaged.  I know gross,  just trying to be honest here.

I Hate for the books on the books shelf not be in a neat fashion.

I Love for my kids to obey the first time they are told without complaining.  This does happen sometimes.

I Hate to try to diet.  It just makes me want to eat more.

I Love a clean house.  When you walk into the door and you smell clean. aaaahh  Unfortunately for me this doesn't happen very often due to the next I hate.

I Hate cleaning house.  That is bad when you are a stay at home mom.  I have no excuse not to clean.

I Love for the checkbook to balance.  Especially to the penny.  I am weird like that.

I Hate for financial statements to not make sense or not be accurate.  I know this is weird.  I have a need for accuracy.  At least my clients appreciate this about me. 

I Love to take pictures.  That feeling when you come upon one of the pictures you have taken and think that it is "good".  Maybe someday I will be really good at it.

I Hate to hear my kids fighting.  Why can't we all get along.

I Love to learn new things.  Things such as computer programs.  I would rather someone show me than to have to learn by reading though.

I Hate to fold laundry.  Considering I do a few loads a day, I need to learn to love it.

I Love to feel like I am doing a good job at something

I Hate for people not to do their job.  Really, if you are getting paid to do something do it right or don't do it at all. Or if you volunteer to do something - follow through.  aaargh  Don't tell me you'll do it and then not do it.  I could go on and on about this.

I feel like maybe I am maturing with age. Maybe realizing just a little bit of what is really important.  Even starting some thing that might not be necessary.   I have surprised myself in wanting to have my bed made everyday.  Really only old people want that right? 

I know things like trivial stuff that children do that they know they are not suppose to,  its not a big deal.  If I am going to have to discipline I want to do it over the big stuff because if I do it over everything how am going to get to enjoy the kids. 

I think in the past year I have learned that families are not perfect and we all need grace.  I guess I always thought that people that I know should not go through those big struggles in their families or their marriages because we are Christians.  Right?  Well that just isn't the case and we don't know what goes on with people and we all need mercy and grace from our families and our friends.  Sometimes the higher the pedestal you have put someone on the further they have to fall.  No one is perfect.  I am a year older today and hopefully a little wiser.  We can all hope for that right?   I am having this entry post on my birthday so maybe next year I will remember to reevaluate my list.

So what do you Love/Hate.  I want to know.


Suzette said...

I loved this!!!

I'm so with ya on the cleaning.. I hate it, but love the feeling of a clean house. I'm hoping for a maid one day while I play with my kids! lol - I can dream right?

I really love your comment about the disciplining! That's so true, kids will be kids, I want to enjoy mine too... You should do a weekly post about raising kids! I would totally benefit from this! :) haha - ok was that completely honest and selfish? I think you're a great mom and I'm always looking for tips! (There, that's a better way to word it!)

Cassie said... said...

preach it sista!

estes5family said...

I hate female that I was blessed with having children.
I hate abortion...wish I could take in every pregnant teen mom who has no where to go.
I hate love for the demon spawn of SATAN!
I hate having to "watch" everything I eat...LOVE! Haagen Daz Dulce De Leche!
I love God's Word...hate it that I just don't bathe in it daily.