Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Well some people have used their facebook accounts to do this but like some other fellow bloggers I have decided to do it on my blog.  I am going to have it post on Thanksgiving day.

What I am Thankful for in 2009

1.  Jesus Christ who died for me to have eternal life and his grace that I need each and every day.

2.  My husband who loves me and the kids and is willing to go to work every day to support us.

3.  Noah who is so smart and polite (at least to those who are not in his immediate family)

4.  Andrew who makes me smile constantly and loves to snuggle in bed with me.

5.  Ti who was a blessing we weren't planning on.  Everytime he smiles you just can't help but to smile back.

6.  For a church that wants to reach people for Christ

7.  To have been raised in a Godly home

8.  For my parents marriage and the example they are to their children.

9.  For parents who are there to stand with you in the thick or thin.

10.  For Andrew's and Ti's teachers at KDP.  How they genuinely seem to like my children and are teaching them about Jesus.

11.  For my family to all have clothes that fit them.

12.  For the ability to be able to give to those in need.

13.  For Mrs. Imogene and how she loves on my children.

14.  For my Mom and her example in her quiet time.  I still remember walking in the living room in the mornings growing up and seeing her be on her needs in prayer.  Oh how I wish I had that dedication.

15.  For my Dad who taught me the value of honesty.  "Tell the truth even if it takes the hide"

16.  For a husband who likes to give gifts.  This works out really well especially since I like to receive gifts.

17.  For friends that will stick beside you even when they know the bad stuff.

18.  For the ability to work part-time so that I am able to be with my kids. 

19.  For the great clients that I have and the great working relationship I have with them.

20.  For wood floors so that it is easy to sweep up the  boys  and dogs messes easily.

21.  For friends that will babysit my kids on short notice.

22.  For God word that give us guidance in every situation.

23.  For chubby baby fingers.

24.  Plenty of food to eat.

25.  For in-laws that I get along with.

26.  For a house to live and entertain in.

27.  For pets.

28.  For cars that work and are dependable.

29.  For a husband that likes to do the research before we buy something.  I hate to do that.

30.  For a healthy family.

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