Monday, May 10, 2010

Proud Momma Moment

This was a week of proud momma moments.  We have been talking a  lot to Noah about how your attitude is so important in anything you do.  Thursday night Noah had a game in Prairie Grove.  When we got there and saw the line up. Noah was about fourth from the bottom of the batting line up and he was going to be setting out on defense one inning.    I was thinking OOOH NO.  How is this going to affect the attitude.  I was proud to say that Noah had a great attitude through out the game.  He tried hard.  He got one hit and two people out on second.    I was proud of his athletic skills but I was so much more proud that even though he was probably a little disappointed about the batting line up and having to set out his attitude was great.

Andrew did a great job at his game on Friday night.  He hit the ball a long ways and got someone out at first.

This was the first time he had played catcher.

Look at that form.  He is such a cutie.
Even his hand was behind his back.  You can tell he watches his older brother's team.  The crowd thought this was funny.  What can I say I have exceptionally smart children.  lol

Nannie and Pops were up for a couple of days.    Pops had a job in the area so Nannie came with him.  This is so nice for me.  She kept the kids while I did volunteer work at the church and school all day on Friday.  It was so nice not to have to lug Ti around to all the places I had to go.  During the games I actually got to watch instead of entertaining the baby the whole time.  Now if we could just talk them into moving up here.  I am a little envious of those families that get to live near the grandparents. 

Noah came home and told me that he had given part of his book fair money to a boy that didn't have any.  I told him that was nice and it was his money so he could decide on what he wanted to do with it..  It is always nice to share. And then I went into a discussion about how you shouldn't talk about how much stuff you have or what others don't have because it could hurt someone's feelings.  His teacher even brought it up to me later how she was so proud of him.  She told me that she thought Noah had bought something cheaper so that he would have enough money left to give away to his friend.  You want your children to grow up to be kind and it is always nice when you seem them exhibiting a trait that you are trying to teach them.  I should probably learn a little about being generous myself.

OOOH Did I mention that Noah cleaned his room and Ti's room.  I mean really cleaned them, he even vacuumed.  I was tickled pink.  What has gotten into that child. 


Cassie said... said...

Ti is such a happy little guy. Andrew looks too too cute with his and behind his back.

Rebekah said...

Those sweet moments almost brought tears to my eyes! I know you are so proud! Isn't it the best feeling when the Lord gives us those little moments to show us we are doing a good job as mommies!?!?