Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Little Competition

So I wanted to enter this photo contest.  It was suppose to have to do with Arkansas farming.  I had a grand plan of getting a great picture of my Dad's cow dogs working.  Well it didn't work out as well as I hoped.  Let's just say the cows and the dogs could go a little faster than me.

The below picture was kinda what I was aiming for but I was just too far away for it to be clear enough.  That stick in my Dad's hand is to make his arms longer so the dogs know what he is wanting them to do.  Lilly and Tippy are not very experienced yet.  He has only had them for about 8 months.  Tippy is still a puppy and Lilly had not been a working dog before she came to live at my parents home.
Tippy is a pup of Jed which was my Dad's last cow dog.  He lost a fight with a car about 8 months ago and therefore Dad had to start the training process all over with a new dog.  It seems just at the point that they are really well trained something happens.

Both animals are trying to decide who is really going to be the boss.
Cow dog wins.

As soon as they hear "that's enough" they back off.

The dogs are a lot more brave with the calves than the mommas.  They haven't quite built their courage up yet. 
Lilly and Dad

Tippy, Lilly and Dad
"well done"


Karen L. said...

my dad has given way to the 4-wheelers....he was very attached to our blue healer, badger, when i was growing up and the dog lost a fight with some stray dogs that came through.
it about killed my dad and he never trained another one. he's had several but never put the effort into one.

love your pics. makes me really want to have a farm!

Cassie said... said...

I love the last picture the most.