Monday, May 17, 2010

Not Me Monday

Mckmama- Not Me Monday

I decided to do Not Me Monday on MckMama's blog so here is a little something to make everyone else feel better about themselves.

My son did not squash a dog tick in the floor of my laundry and think it was totally cool how the blood squirted on the wall.  Really my kids don't do gross stuff like that and I would never have a tick inside my house.  That is just gross.

I have not gotten my youngest son out of the toilet numerous times in the last week.  Really by now all of us remember to close the door when we leave the bathroom.

No one would ever yell from the bathroom... don't worry mom he only has one hand in the toilet and it is flushed.

I would never have to call my husband for the 100th time to figure out how to make the Wii work.  I am really good with the electronics. 

I would never put strawberry syrup in my baby's glass of milk so that he would actually drink some of it.  Really my kids are very healthy and they just naturally drink plain white milk.

I would never put my sons underwear on the dog so that she could come inside and not make a mess.  Really only humans wear underwear at our house.

I would never let my children play in the rain on the trampoline just to get them out of the house.  (don't worry it wasn't lightening)

My middle son would not have witnessed Laci (the dog)  breeding and have all kinds of questions.  I would have never lied and said they were just playing.  Really I am always totally honest with my kids. 

I would have never said "oh crap" out loud when we were having prayer time in our Sunday School class.  Even if I thought I had kicked my pop over.  Really I am very reverent during prayer and would be totally concentrating on speaking to my heavenly father. 


Cassie said... said...

every time I read your blog I feel like a better person...thanks for that! LOL

Karen L. said...

ok...the last one did me in. laughing hysterically!!!

Baby Blues and Wrestling Moves said...

ha ha, that made me laugh! i love it!

Arizona Mamma said...

That is hilarious. All of it. The kid in the toilet down to the "oh crap" in prayer.