Thursday, June 10, 2010

Now That's a Fish Story

The other day we went down to the river to do a little fishing.

Ti was more than happy to just play in the mud hole.  He doesn't bait his own hook anyway so it is better if he just doesn't fish. lol

This is how we wash dishes at our house.

Since we didn't catch anything at the river we decided to call some friends up to see if we could fish in their pond.

We caught some HUGE catfish.  We caught them we took pictures of them and then we put them back where they belonged.  This momma doesn't want to clean any fish.

The boys had a great time.  Really the whole family enjoys this kind of fishing.

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Cassie said... said...

we are taking the boys to Mike and Kathys soon. I hope we catch something like that when we go.