Monday, February 22, 2010

Seize the Moment

Do you ever think what if?  I seem to be doing a lot of that lately.  I seem to feel an urgency about sharing Jesus.  You know that person who has given us the greatest gift ever.  That person that loves us unconditionally.  That sinless,  loving, gentle, all knowing, creator of all and my Saviour.  Jesus.   What if this is the only time this person will ever hear about him.  What if something I say makes them ask those important questions.  What IF???????

Let me just tell you how I am loving AWANA counsel time.  This year I listened to an AWANA trainer mention "what if during your counsel time this will be the only time that child hears the gospel?".  Needless to say this has changed my approach to how I prepare my lesson each week.  I follow the story that I have been given but I always try to lead it back to God's great plan for our life.  His plan of salvation.  It has been amazing.  I am getting to witness to about 40 kids every week.  WOOHOO.  What if this is the only time in their life that they are going to hear about His great love.

This last Sunday Tim had bus duty.  Needless to say I was not to excited about it. I would have missed a great blessing if I had chose to wait at the church and let him do it by himself.  I was setting by a boy who is in second grade.  He gets to come to church once every other week.  He was so excited because he was getting his older brother used Bible.  He thought he would just start reading it everyday.  lol  I thought that was an excellent idea.  He thought Daniel might be a good book and then proceeded to ask me what it was about.  So I proceeded to tell him about how Daniel stood for God even when it was hard and everyone was against him.  He loved God that much just the way Jesus loves us.  I then went on to talk a little about Jesus' great love and why we needed his forgiveness.  It was not a real long discussion but one opportunity that I would have missed of getting to talk about Jesus if I had decided to set back and just let Tim serve by himself. 

That started me to thinking about what other chances we might all be missing by just not doing something.  This Friday we are having an event called Frazzle Dazzle at our church.  We invite all the children in our community kindergarten through 6th grade to come hang out, play some games, do some crafts and of course have a snack.  I can't wait. I wonder how many children I just might have the chance of getting to talk to about His great love.  Because what if this is the only time they get to hear.

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