Wednesday, February 9, 2011

He Is Interested In The Details

I am sure most of you have once in your life prayed for something that you really, really wanted God to grant.  Well our family is in that position right now.  I was hoping that my friends out there in the bloggy world might not care to join me in lifting this up to our almighty God and healer.

My dad is the family rock. He is dependable, kind, loving and I could go on and on. For the past few years he has had to deal with chronic pain. He has tried many different things to help but basically he just has to live on pain medication that will dull the pain but it never really goes away. The doctor calls it facet disease. Basically I think how to explain it is that he has arthritis on his spine which causes the nerve endings to be irritated which causes him to have pain in a certain spot in his back at all times.

He has tried many different options to try to fix the pain.  Shots, chiropractors, and medicines and some have given temporary relief but none have done the trick.  They have recently found a doctor in Florida that thinks he can fix the problem.  Basically it will require one or more surgeries.  We are all very hopefully that this will be the way that God chooses to heal my father.

My father and mother will be leaving the third week in March for Hudson, Florida.  They might have to stay up to ten days depending on how many surgeries it takes.  Hopefully he will be coming home pain free and able to get back to doing all the stuff he loves to do.

Here is how I am going to be specifically praying over the next few weeks and I hope you will join with me.

1.  Complete Healing
2.  Peace
3.  Doctors - that they will have steady hands and complete wisdom on how to correct all the issues.
4.  All the tests before the surgery will show the doctors exactly what needs to be done and what the best process will be.
5.  That God will do a mighty work in all the financial issues that will be involved.  The surgery will be very expensive along with the airline tickets and the expenses of staying up there for ten days.
6.  Peace - I just thought that one might need to be mentioned twice.
7.  Most of all that God's power will be shown in a mighty way. 

I know that God wants us to ask him for the desires of our hearts.  He is interested in every one of the details that I have mentioned above.  Not only is he interested but he is in control of the details.  We just serve a mighty God like that.  We will continue to praise him in the good and the bad.  If this surgery does not succeed I know that God allowed it to happen and I want to be able to praise him for that also.  Pray for this ability for our family that we can praise him in all circumstances.  But it sure will be awesome if God decides to show us his healing touch and his ability to control all the details. 

Our God the protector used his power to protect my dad from a bomb a few months back.  Someone (who I think is in jail now) placed a bomb in the church where my dad is pastor on election day.  Unknowing of what it was, my dad picked it up.  After deciding something was wrong he took it outside and called the sheriff's department.  If my God could keep a bomb from going off this surgery thing is just small stuff.


Momx6 said...

I will pray for Bro. Lannie - and you please pray for Joy. Has tumor and is going to have to have surgery - pray it is not cancerous.

Cassie said... said...

We will add him to our family prayer list. Im sure Ri will want to pray for him since he knows him best.

Rebekah said...

I will be praying. I already added your name to prayer box to be praying about I will add your dad!

Suz said...

praying! please keep us posted!