Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A First.....

We got to spend Saturday at my parents house.  The cousins were there most of the day which makes my boys very, very happy.  Noah brought his pellet gun and Andrew brought his bee bee gun.  They went hunting.  Tristin (one of the cousins) came in the house all smiling.  They were all so excited.  Tristin shot the squirrel first with the pellet gun and then Noah finished knocking him out of the tree with the bee bee gun. It was huge. Poor squirrel didn't even have a chance.

Andrew and Noah were all about watching the correct technique of how to skin a squirrel.

At this point I got a little nauseous and had to leave the rest of the cleaning to the professionals.

Grandpa cut it up for them.

Memaw fried it up for them.  Just because she is cool like that.

Noah thought this was the best squirrel he had ever had.  Of course this was the only squirrel he had ever had . lol  I guess it is something about killing your food that makes it taste better.

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3 Stiles said...

Good for them but eww.