Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It's Official

Well after our little adventure to the hospital last week we decided we needed to get some things done. You know like finish the room, put the crib up, get the car seat, get some diapers you know little things like that not to mention to pick a name.
Last night he got the crib together. My mom made the bedding for it. It has lady bugs and dragon flies on it. I have a picture that Miranda is finishing up for me to go above the bed. I think I will probably put two different ones above the bed. The one she is writing for me right now says "Jesus loves me this I know for the Bible tells me so." I haven't thought of a good suggestion for another one. They are 12x12 frames. Any suggestion would be appreciated.
With all the ice Tim decided to stay home from work. He used the morning time to finish putting some things up in the babies room.

Now for what I am sure everyone has been waiting on. The announcement of the name. Of course this will change it HE is really a GIRL. I don't have much confidence in doctors can you tell.

Wait for it. I know you can handle the excitement.

Well we have decided on Titus Lane. Titus is biblical. He was a very dependable church worker in the Bible. My dad's name is Lannie so the Lane kinda comes from his name. Timmy had been taking his time on deciding on how to spell the first name and to decide on the middle name. The choice has been made and we are sticking to it. I think!!!!


Taylor Family said...

Ok, so I thought you were going to spell it with a y, not an i. What happended?

The Hickman's said...

Cute bedding! I love the name Titus!!