Saturday, October 23, 2010

Another Sweet Andrew

The other day in the car

Andrew:  Mom I am going to be a policeman.

Mom:  I think you would be a great policeman.  You really want to help people and care about them. 

Andrew:  They protect people,  Right?

Noah:  And he is really good at wraaaaastling.

Mom:  I just laughed.


The other day when we went to battle field park to take pictures.  As any good mom would do I had bribed my kids and said we would play at the park for a little while if they would just let me take a few pictures of them.  There was a walking trail around the park so there was various people walking and just enjoying the beautiful day.  It was time for us to go back toward the car and I bent over to pick up Ti because he was not cooperating.  Basically he was  refusing to go back to the car with us.  All of a sudden I hear a child yell from up the trail.  "MOM, I SEE YOUR BUTT CRACK"

Okay maybe he wasn't being my sweet Andrew that day.  I was a little embarrassed to say the least.

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Robin and Stephen said...

LOL! I think your boys have to be the funniest! You always have good stories to tell! =)