Thursday, May 12, 2011

It Has Started

Baseball has started that is.  Andrew is getting to move up to machine pitch this year.  He really isn't old enough but they needed a few more players.  I was worried at first that he would not be on the same level as the other boys since they are older but he is holding his own.  He got one hit tonight and got to second.  His attention span isn't the greatest but he is working hard to correct that.   

This is Noah's first year in kid pitch.  Kid pitch is a totally different ball game.  For a team to succeed they need a good pitcher.  At this point the kids really have no experience in pitching so it is touch and go.  Noah pitched two innings tonight.  His first inning was great and the second one was okay but you could tell his arm was getting tired.  Tim and I had to split up because the boys were playing at the same time at two different locations.

This pic cracks me up.  This is so Andrew.

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