Sunday, June 12, 2011

Andrew Graduation

After Andrew's graduation we took him out to eat.  We didn't all get to go since Noah had a stomach bug.

The Briar Rose was great.  I highly recommend it.  A little expensive but super tasty.  It was Andrew's choice.

He chose this pastry item plus a sausage roll.  He thought the pastry looked better than it tasted.  The cinnamon roll was wonderful.

 The whole family came to support this BIG event.
 Kayden and Andrew
 Sutter & Andrew.  Andrew says this was his best friend in his class.

 Papaw and Andrew.  Memaw didn't get to come because she had to work.
 Mrs. Sharp and Andrew
 Nannie, Pops & Andrew

Andrew you learned so much this year.  Your reading is taking off.  We love to see how you are kind to the other students and you want to please your teacher.  You almost always get a smiley faces and when you don't it makes you very sad.  Your favorite class is PE.  Your best friend is Sutter. You would rather bring your lunch than eat in the Cafeteria (which kind of makes mom sad).  You got student of the month during the year and Kiwanis's terrific kid award.  You played both basketball and baseball during the year. 

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mustard seed said...

crazy how fast this year went by! looks like A had a great year!