Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ti - Potty Training

Ti is doing a great job at potty training.  The one exception is pooping.  He seems to like to go on the carpet.  GAG  Lets just say I have been tempted to rub his nose in it and throw him out the door.  It seemed to work with the dogs. 

Anyway.....I am hoping soon we will be diaper free.  Just think of all the money I will be saving.  Hopefully, we will be completely done long before we turn three.  Any tips and tricks you would like to share on potty training will be appreciated.  It has been awhile, actually it has been 5 years.  I probably have forgotten some things.

Really how could someone stay mad at this cutie.  Even if he poops on the carpet.


Momx6 said...

I was never good at it (the training)but I really think maturity is the thing that brings success more than anything we do. He will succeed that much I know.

Cassie said... said...

I'd say try the rub and throw a few times...if that don't work try offering some pretty awesome prizes each time he does the potty. That't what I did.