Thursday, July 29, 2010

Vacation 2010 Day 3

We  headed to St. Louis on Tuesday.  Our first stop was the Magic House.  I thought this place was really cool.  I think Noah enjoyed it but Andrew probably enjoyed it more.  Some stuff might have been a little to young for Noah.

Don't you wish you could get your hair to do this?

They had play areas for toddlers too.

There was lots of hands on stuff for them to play with.

Did you ever want to be completely enclosed in a bubble?

Climbing Jack's beanstalk.

We could have probably stayed and played longer but we had to get to our hotel so that we could unload before we headed to the Cardinals game (post to come).

I would recommend the Magic House for anyone with children under the age of 10.  Try to make sure that you go when the YMCA kids are NOT going to be there.  Can you say crowded.....  It was great after they cleared out though.