Sunday, November 21, 2010

God Is Just Good Like That

I am so excited to write this story.  God showed up in a big way today. 

A few months ago our connection group decided we would do a service project by doing Thanksgiving baskets for a few families in our community.  A lady in our group was going to make bows for the bags and she asked me how many.  I thought we could surely get enough money together to serve seven families. Of course God had other plans.

One of the school counselors helps us by finding the families in the school system that could really use the help.  Mrs. Long and I had been in contact several times with me updating on how many baskets we were going to provide.  At our last phone call I had told her we had enough for 11 but if she knew of another family I was pretty sure I could come up with the money for another one.

I ran into Mrs. Long at Walmart on Saturday (by the way never go to Walmart on the Saturday before Thanksgiving because it is CRAZY) the day before I was to buy the items for the baskets and she had 9 families but she had another one that she was still  trying to get a hold of.  I said that was great and if she was not able to get in touch with them we both knew of another family that could probably use the help.

Sunday morning I had three more people give me money for baskets.  I was thinking great I will just buy a little extra to put into each baskets.  I had planned on a turkey or ham, ingredients for green bean casserole, stuffing, scalloped potatoes, cranberry sauce, brownie mix, and bread.  I really wanted to put some eggs and oil for the brownies but I wasn't for sure how the money was going to turn out.  I thought "Great Lord you are going to provide for a little more than I had planned."  Of course he had other plans.... I got an email when I got home Mrs. Long, she had gotten a hold of the family and they could really use the help and there was actually three families living in the home with a total of  15 people.  Of course God already knew this but he just likes to show Himself like that. 

Noah and I left for Aldis this afternoon armed with 355 dollars and a grocery list.  We were not able to find everything we were looking for at Aldis so I knew we would have to stop by Walmart also.  I noticed that the eggs were cheaper at Aldis than at Walmart.  At this point I wasn't for sure if I had enough money to cover the eggs and oil that I wanted to add to the baskets.  I decided that God knew what was needed. I was praying that he made the money go further than I thought it would so I went ahead and bought the eggs.  The total at Aldi came to 190 dollars and some change.

At this point we had to head to Walmart to finish up with the bread, oil,  french style green beans, and french fried onions.  After getting all the above mentioned items we still had money left so I decided I would add corn to the basket.  Well of course God decided he would like to show me how he makes things go further so I added cans of yams and of course you can't have sweet potatoes without marshmallows.  I knew we were close so I decided to call it quits and go check out.  Well, we came within $2.22 of spending the $355.00!  That is totally a God thing.  Not only did God provide for the extra families, oil, eggs, corn and yams, He even provided for the marshmallows to go on top of them.  God is just good like that.

Well I hope you have stayed with me through this whole story.  I am just super excited about how God showed me today that He is all about the details.  I believe he truly multiplied the money that people gave to do more than I could have hoped for.



Carolynn said...

That is awesome Bekah! Thanks for sharing how God is working:)

Karen L. said...

i am always amazed...but why should i be? that's just 'normal' for God!!

Momx6 said...

I love that you not only gave attention to their food needs...but you made them attractive too - showing them they have value!

Cassie said... said...

It's like loaves and fishes! I was worried that us deciding not to get a basket would mess things up, but I guess God had it all worked out on both sides. I had set aside 40 bucks to put a meal together, but I had a big need come up at our preschool and thought God maybe wanted me to meet it. There was a little boy at our school who is living in the womens shelter mom. He has only been coming for a few weeks, but he's been wearing the same 2 outfits and slippers (he had no shoes) every time he comes. She told me she had to run and and just left everything. I decided to get his sizes and take the money I had set aside and get him some clothes. I planned to go the three local used shops, but it was like God had it all planned out. In the first one I went to someone had just dropped off boxes of items just his size. I was able to get him 6 pairs of really good shoes, 11 pairs of jeans or athletic pants, and 21 (yes) 21 shirts! I also got him underwear and socks too! I knew it was going to cost a little more than $40, but i was willing to pay it. When I asked the lady if we could cut off the tags as we went she asked me I told her what the stuff was for. She rang it all up and said the total is $40. Of course I knew it was quite a bit more, but I knew God had put her there to be a part of the blessing for him and me too! I can't even tell you how adorable and proud he was yesterday when he came to our thanksgiving lunch with his mom!