Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What to Do????

I have a dilemma.  I have a little extra cash burning a hole in my pocket.....with all this extra work I have been doing. Hence the lack of blogging. 
Anyway we have had this coffee table for about ten years.

There are some things I love about this coffee table.  Things like the top raises so you can sit on the couch and play a board game on it and not get a back ache.  Can I get an AMEN.   I also love that it has wheels and can be moved around easily.

But there are also some things I hate about this coffee table.  These pictures are not good but can you see all the marks on the top.  This is caused by my lovely children and various other children and adults alike.  Anything will make a mark.  The rolling of a toy car over the top of it or doing one's homework on it.  The wood is extremely soft

So here is the deal.  I need for you to look at some coffee tables and give me a suggestion of what you think would work best for our family.

I am thinking that something like this would be cool.  But the corners look really sharp for us that have toddlers running around.  I wonder how many stitches it would take after your kids head hit one of those corners.  I will need to weigh the cost of stitches and the convenience of game playing for this table.

I also kind of like this style that is an ottoman and a coffee tables.


So be a sweet heart and go to this web site and give me some suggestions.


3 Stiles said...

Go for the ottoman type. It's what we've used for the past 4 years and they are the best.

Becke' said...

I love the Paula Deen Home Put Your Feet Up one! It is a large square with fun pedestal legs and even lifts up! Very cute!

Cassie said... said...

I think you won't end up enjoying the 4 part type. Thats kinda what we have and it always seems to be out of place. the boys want to move them, play on them, roll on them. I think one piece is best. Maybe something that opens up with storage inside.

Suz said...

Oh I LOVE the first option.. What if you could just put something on the corners (kid proof) to protect the littles for the time being and then when Ti gets a little older you still have a fabulous coffee table.. I have an ottoman and got rid of our coffee table.. I miss it at times, but it is pretty convenient to scoot out of the way or to prop your feet on! So either way you can't go wrong!:)

Karen L. said...

i like the square one. about 5 years it will look like your current one. :))
tim's a fixer...why don't you just have him sand the top and restain or paint or tile it?

i'm thinking in about 9 years...i get new furniture!! of course i may have grandkids by then :o