Saturday, April 16, 2011

Noah - GT

This year Noah was invited to be in Gifted and Talented.  Tim and I were both in GT in high school which really meant you made good grades and your parents were willing to pay for you to go on a trip once a year.  I don't actually remember having to do any work for it.  OOOOOHHHH how things have changed.

Our family, and I do mean the whole family, has had to spend more time on homework for GT than all other classes put together.

The latest homework was that Noah had to do a country report.  He chose Australia.

Tim and Noah putting his board together.  It was my job to use the cricket to cut out the letters for the board.

The final product.  This represents many hours of work.

They had a international family night that the whole family went to.  Each child's family made something to eat from the country that their child's report was on.  We made mango moose.  It was okay.

The children dressed up and did a three minute oral presentation of their country.

As we drove up I think Tim's exact words were  "This is for the nerds right?"  And I was thinking we really don't belong here.  We are cool,  Right?  Or have we totally fooled ourselves.

Anyway we are glad we got the project completed and on to the next project.  I am really hoping that Noah doesn't want to do this next year.  His comment to me about not doing it next year was "mom, I really, really, reeeeeeally want to do it just next year because we will actually get to take a trip". 
Like son like parents.  lol


The "W" Family said...

looks like a whole lot o' family fun! ha! noah is a smarty pants,but very well rounded. He's such a neat kid!

Cassie said... said...

The entire time I was reading I had tears running down my face laughing about what Riley said. Riley's new teacher met with me about GT last week. She told me Riley told her he didn't want to be in GT because he only knew one person in GT that was NOT a nerd. And that his name was Noah and he was his best friend in Arkansas.