Monday, April 11, 2011

Underwear is Fun to Wear

Ti has no interest whatsoever in learning to use the pottie.  We are trying to make underwear a big deal.  He is not so much seeing it.  Tonight after his bath he decided he wanted to wear underwear for a little while.  I am proud to say that he wore them about 5 minutes and he didn't have an accident.  woohoo that is better than the last time.

I have been a bad blogger and I really don't see it improving much.  I feel like I am running every minute of the day that I am not asleep. We have finished all of our fostering classes.  We are just waiting on our home study now.  They are thinking by the end of May we should have a placement.  We are hard at work getting everything ready in our home.

We are turning my office into the bedroom.  I have the PINK paint bought, PINK bedding and the white bed is ready to be put up.  We aren't going to know what to do with all the pink in this house.  I think it is all going to be super cute.  I hope she feels loved while she is with us.  We are totally okay with adopting but we must go into it with the mindset that this child will be going home and we are just taking care of her while her parents get things straightened out.  We are trying to prepare our own kids also.  They know that this child will probably go back to live with her family and will be with us just for a while. 

The other night after seeing something on the news about children being taken into foster care Tim and I started talking about our future child.  It made me think about the child God has planned for us.  It made me pray for her protection right now.  It is amazing how God starts preparing your heart for what he has in store for your family before it is even set into motion.

There are a few things that we are going to have to change such as the above picture.  Once we have a guest in the house the boys will need to start wearing more clothes.  So no more underwear pictures for us. 

Update....My dad is home and doing well.  He is still in some pain from the surgery but we have high hopes that this will go away soon.  Please continue to pray for his complete healing.

Well I have to get up early for work in the morning so to all a good night.

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