Tuesday, July 24, 2012

All Stars 2012

The boys both wanted to make the All Stars team this year.  We were pretty sure that Noah would make it but Andrew was going to be competing against a lot of talented boys for a spot on the team.  Tim took Andrew to the try outs.  They were suppose to get a call that afternoon if they made the team.  We were all really nervous.  About 55 kids were trying out and they were going to form two teams.  This meant less than half of the kids would make the team.  We got the call later that afternoon that he made it.  We had a celebration in the garage after the phone call.  It was really cool to see him achieve something that he really wanted. 

Since both of the boys were going to be playing the same weekend Tim and I had to take turns on which games we went to.  They played in the same city but at two different ball parks.  

Neither team placed but we had a good time competing.  Andrew got carried off the field by his coach after one of the games because of an awesome catch to help end the game.  I didn't get to see it because Tim was watching that game and I was at Noah's game.  Some how I missed all of the awesome plays.  Noah pitched and played second base.  He did well but their team were out matched in most of the games they played

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