Monday, January 21, 2013

Andrew Turns 8

What to say about this precious child......Andrew you are one of a kind.  We love the way that you are always doing spin moves.  You make us laugh daily.  If we could just get you to set down while we are eating supper we would be so happy.  For some reason you feel the need to stand up while you are eating.   You are a good friend and currently your best friends at school are Landon B and Luke.  Right now your favorite sports are basketball and baseball.  Of course we sometimes think that you are confusing football and basketball by the way you are always on the floor going after a ball.  At the beginning of the school year you were getting a few minuses due to attitude and your love of talking with others but you quickly got that under control.  You are doing great in second grade.  You always get 100% on your spelling test.  I think you and Noah are a lot a like in that area.  Your teacher is always telling me how she loves your personality.  You might would get in trouble a lot more if you weren't just so dang likable.  You love playing your iPod and you still like playing with men.  One of your favorite things to do while friends are over is to play Nerf guns or basketball.  One of the character traits that we love about you is your randomness.  You just never know what is going through you mind.  Sometimes you come up with something totally out there.  Your mind is always working....just like your momma.  Andrew we love you so much and are so blessed that God has lent you to us .

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