Monday, January 21, 2013

Noah Turns 11


We are so blessed that God has allowed us to be your parents.  You are one great kid.  Right now your favorite sport is basketball but you enjoy baseball also.   You are an extremely busy kid.  What ever sport is going on at the time you usually have practice twice a week and games on weekends.  You love every minute of it.  You are doing great at school even with a busy sports schedule.  The first five weeks you came home with a B which you didn't think was a big deal at all.  You had chosen not to retake any of the test to get an A.  I mentioned that was okay but I would only pay you for A's and you haven't brought another B home this year.  School seems to come so easy for you.  You must get your dad's smarts.  Your favorite subject is Math and doing experiments in Science.  You really like your home room teacher this year  Mrs. Bailey.  The counselors at school are always trying to pair you up with the troubled kids.  They think you can lead them in a better direction.  I hope this is always the case.  You were chosen to be an ambassador for the second semester of school. 

You are the kid that everyone wants to be friends with.  You are kind, athletic, dependable and smart.  God has given you the ability to be a leader we hope you always use this for His work.  You want to win at everything you try.  Sometimes a little to much probably. 

You are a great big brother to Ti who adores you. You are such a help to your parents with all the little ones.  You entertain, go get diapers, feed bottles mostly without complaining.  We are very grateful for all your help.

Thank you God for blessing us with Noah.  What would we ever do without him.

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