Friday, November 20, 2015

Will God Show Up?

Will God Show UP?

So this morning our little devotion was about God showing up.  The Bible teaches us that God is always showing up right when it is needed.  He is even there when we don't see his hands at work.  So as we were finishing up I went around the bar to each child and asked them where they needed God to show up today

Kid 1 - "I hope if I miss lots of questions at the quiz bowl I won't get emotional."  This from the kid that wants to succeed in everything he does.  Always wants to have the right answer.  Wants to be the best at whatever he is competing in.  Have no doubt...he wants to win today with his team.

Kid 2 - "Today is electronic day - I hope it lasts a REEEEAAAALLLLYYY long time."  The  kid that  would rather be outside, playing a sport, or just playing a video game.  Anything but needing to set in a classroom for school.

and then

Kid 3 - "Spelling Test".  Just two little words.  Oh how these words break a mama's heart.  The anxiety you see in his eyes.  He has been doing very well on his test but every Friday you know what he is fearing the most for that day.  If I could take this anxiety away I would.

Of course as adults.... we don't go there.  We won't admit, at least out loud, where we need God to show up.  What our biggest fear is.  What if he doesn't care?  What if he is to busy to listen?  Will He think I am being foolish?  Will I be admitting I can't or won't trust Him?

The one thing I am certain about is that I serve a God that can show up.  He is almighty and strong.  He loves me with a great big love and I can trust him.  I know these things not because I necessarily feel that way all the time.  But his word is truth and that is what He has told us.  He has proven himself over and over yet still we doubt.  Today I will choose to give him my fears and the fears of my children.  Today I will trust His great big love.  Today I will be honest and talk to the only one that truly cast out all fear.

Pslams 118:6  The Lord is for me, So I will have no fear....

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