Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Basketball 2010

We had a great time playing basketball this year.  Andrew and Noah both played and Dad coached.

Andrew is such a hustler.  If there is a ball on the ground he will be the one that comes up with it.  I can't count how many times he falls during a game but he never cries.  He just gets back up and takes off.  He made a shot his last game of the year.  We were all supper excited for him.

Noah had a good year this year also.  His year isn't actually over with yet because he was invited to play 4th grade ball also.  He likes to play and  he says he would rather pass the ball than shoot.  This totally irritates his father.  Dad's opinion is if you have the ball and you are open you should shoot it.  I think Noah just hates to miss so instead of taking a chance of missing it he will let others shoot.  He is a great ball handler and is good at defense.  He plays smart.  He probably thinks about it a little to much. 

Ti enjoys the ball games too.  I usually bring snacks to keep him busy.  I only get to take pictures at the games that grandparents come to.

Dad coaching Andrew's team.

Andrew is at the bottom of this pile.  He doesn't care to wrestle someone for the ball.  I actually thinks he enjoys it.

Nannie and Ti

I love, love, love to watch the boys play any sports and I really  wish I could figure out how to take good pictures inside a gym.

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Cassie said... said...

sounds like Andrew may be cut out for Bran's team in a few years! He can alway use a good tackle.