Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2011 Christmas Cookies

Every year we have a tradition of making Christmas cookies and decorating them.  They never really turn out like the shape the kids have chosen but that doesn't seem to matter once there is a couple of table spoons of icing and sprinkles on them.  I need to figure out a good recipe for cookie dough that you are going to use for cutting out different shapes and they actually need to look like the shape after being baked.  I tried to get Ti to participate but he was having nothing to do with it. 

Mr. C. loved making the cookies too.  He wanted to cut every one's out for them.  Yes I do realize that most of my pictures of the boys doing something at our house they are only halfway dressed.  That's just how we roll at the Disheroon's house.

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Momx6 said...

LOL! That's a guy thing - running around without shirts.