Friday, January 13, 2012

Christmas - Younger

Sunday evening we had Christmas with the Youngers.  

I was so excited to get to see some of the nephews and nieces open their gifts.  A few had asked for specific things that I was able to get.  I love to give gifts that people actually want.  I don't like to give gift cards.  They say "I couldn't think of anything to get you"...just sayin

Here is a few pictures of the event.

Everybody takes turns opening their gifts.
Of course Ti got to go first because he is the baby of the family.
Before we open gifts Papaw reads the Christmas story.
This was one of the gifts I was excited about.  Austin had asked for footy pajamas and of course his favorite aunt found some. (actually it was his uncle that found them but I am taking credit for it) I tell all my nieces and nephews I am their favorite aunt.  Don't know if I have them convinced of this yet. 

Noah is acting like a goober.  Memaw and Papaw got him new air soft guns.
Andrew and Papaw shared a seat during most of the unwrapping time.

Ti got an Angry Bird hat from the Jones.
Ti is trying to show papaw how the new toy works.

This is the only picture of me during Christmas I think.  I just wanted to put this one in to prove that I was there.  Just usually behind the camera.