Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Baseball 2009

Baseball is over for the year. I don't know how I will handle it when I have three in sports. I don't feel that I am real competitive but I really wanted them to do good. They did do good and they got second place in the tournament. I swear I have needed to take something for my stomach being in knots each evening. All of the boys tried so hard. Monday night we played ball for about 5 hours. Talk about being tired, we all were. Here is just a few pictures of the kids on the team. I know there are more of Noah than the rest of the kids. What can I say, I was the one taking the pictures.

Andrew was a trooper through the whole season. We brought a bag of men and various other toys and snacks to each game. He usually played pretty close to me in the dirt somewhere. Needless to say we had to take a bath each evening after ball.

Noah doesn't look to happy in this pictures because he wanted to win. Losing is hard on him. Hopefully he will eventually learn how to lose with grace.

I had some pictures of Nannie, Pops, Memaw and Papaw at one of the games but I can't seem to find them. aaargh. All the ones of Ti I couldn't find either. Ti did good at the games he only got upset when his momma would yell. OOOPS I would have been a good cheerleader.

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The Pitts Family said...

cute pictures! I hate that Jayden missed all the ending stuff! He liked getting to see the pics though! Cute blog!