Monday, June 8, 2009

Worms for Sale!!!!

Worms, Worms for Sale

Really I am just kidding we don't have that many yet. Only time will tell if we did it right.

Ingredients for a worm bed. (just in case you want to make one yourself)

1. Willing boys and men and maybe a few dogs.
2. Rubber bend
3. Mesh Wiring
5. Shovel, drill, and staple gun
6. Peat moss
7. Shredded news paper
8. Dirt
9. Last but not least worms

I looked up on the internet a few different ways to make a worm bed and basically used some information from quite a few different sites to make ours.

First Timmy dug a hole to put the tub in. He dug one in the very back of the yard in case it smelled and underneath a shade tree. I am hoping this will keep them cool this summer. We used an old tub I was not using because the lid was broken.

Everyone is helping including the dogs.

Andrew is contemplating on what to do next.
We are to cheap to buy worms so we are looking for them in our back yard. I guess I should say that I am to cheap the boys wouldn't have any problem with spending my money to buy worms.

After the hole was dug we went to work on making the bed. We drilled holes in the bottom of the tub so that it could drain well. Andrew needed a little help but Noah was able to drill them by himself. You know he is about to be eight and all.

Even the dogs got into it. Well at least the digging part.

Our bedding is a mixture of shredded newspaper, peat moss, and dirt.
We put mesh wiring over the holes and Timmy stapled it down to make sure the worms didn't escape out of the bottom.

The boys are plugging in the shredder here. This was an important job you know.
The boys shredding the newspapers that Nannie and Pops gave us for this project.

Of course I couldn't do a post without a few pictures of this cutie. He hung out in his bouncer outside while we worked on the project. He wasn't to impressed.

The bed is in the ground and we are putting some dirt in it.
The boys are looking for worms. Hopefully through out the summer we will add more and more and they will start multiplying. Who knows by next summer we might not need to buy any worms when we want to go fishing. Of course we could kill them all too. hehehe

You are suppose to put your left overs in the bin to feed them. Just no bones or meat products. It also said you need to keep it really moist or they will start eating each other. OUCH And apparently they poop at lot so you have to change the bedding about every three months.
We had a good time doing this and I am hoping that this will give the boys something to do this summer. (looking for worms or digging in the worm bed inspecting the worms we have). Really how much more fun could there be than playing with worms.
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Christy Dean said...

I seem to have an endless supply of worms in my flower bed if they get tired of looking for worms at your house!

Cassie said... said...

I can't even tell you how much that makes me want to gag.

Anonymous said...

I don't think you could keep little boys any busier. WORMS AND DIRT?!! What more could they ask for? I hope they don't die on you. Camping looks like fun. We haven't gone camping in over a year now and it's killing me. I love to camp. Your boys are the cutest!