Monday, June 1, 2009

Mother's Day

Mom and her three boys. You just can't get a picture of them all looking at once. Mother's day weekend we went to our parents house to spend the weekend with our mothers. We even stayed through Sunday and went to church with them which is something we rarely do.

Timmy and Ti taking a short nap before church Sunday morning.

Memaw and Ti.

Papaw and his boys. The boys love wrestling with Papaw and the runaway flapper. Just ask Andrew or Noah and they can and would love to tell you what that is.

We helped redo a flower bed at Nannie's house. The boys made mud soup and I taught them the fine art of making mud pies. Oh the good memories of making mud pies as a child. I probably owe my mother many spoons because of leaving them outside. I did inform them that the youngest was the one that usually had to taste it and make sure everything was okay. I am the youngest in my family.

Here is the working man. He did most of the manual labor. I am not very strong. Good thing he worked so hard all day or we would not have got it done.

Here they are trying to figure out Grandma's tiller.Even Uncle Matt and Pops helped dig some.A word to the wise never use plastic edging. It stinks.

Pops put mulch on the bed.

Here is Nannie with a new flower bed.

We had a great weekend and enjoyed being with our families.

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The Hickmans said...

What fun memories!! We used to make mud pies- I can't wait to show Zayde how to!

The first picture with you and the boys is precious!