Monday, September 28, 2009

God is Good All The Time

Well I sometimes have a hard time letting God be God. I want to take things into my own hands. I think I can handle things better than him for some reason.

Bro. Barry preached yesterday about all things work together for good. He spoke of a woman that had a lot of medical issues which eventually took her life. She never quit letting God work all things to the good in her life.

Sometimes I have a hard time believing that . I know for me personally some things have happened in my life that I have not seen anything good come out of it. It still seems to have a negative impact on my life. I look for the good but I can't seem to find it.

I was talking to Timmy last night and my question was. Do you think everything works together for good? Really? I know the Bible says all things but do you think it was a mistake. Did the writer mean to say most things and not all things.

I was reading a post on someone facebook this morning. It said "God is Good All The Time" Is God trying to tell me something. I do believe every Word of the Bible is true but..... I think this week I am going to pray that God show me the goodness in a certain situation that I can't seem to find.

God did do a little showing of his goodness to me this morning though. We had our church wide picnic a couple of weeks ago. I brought our horseshoes up there for people to play with. At the end of the night two of the horseshoes were missing. We were playing out in a field behind the church and we looked all around where the stakes had been but to no avail.

Well I am kinda anal about having things match. I know anybody that knows me is probably thinking at this point that I am anal about a lot of things. Such as washing your hands before you get ice or financial statements. What can I say some things just need to be a certain way.

Anyway back to my story I knew that I could probably find some at a yard sale but I really wanted mine back. So this morning after I dropped Andrew off at school Ti and I went on a search in the field.

As I was walking I was praying. Lord please let me find those horseshoes. Guess what. I not only found one of them I found both of them. He could have chose for me to only find one or not to find any of them but he was loving enough to put both of them in my eyesight.

They were not right beside each other but the Lord directed my steps to each spot where someone had left them. They were no where near where we had actually been playing at. I think I can thank some kid for that.

Anyway I can hear a little whisper in my ear. I guess I just proved to you who is God today. Thank you Lord for showing yourself in the small stuff. Please help me to allow you be God not only today but everyday.

By the way Timmy's answer to my question was maybe we just won't know it until we get to heaven.

So what do you think. Is God Good All The Time?

Something totally off the subject. I am kinda anal about who looks at this blog too. I have this thing on my sidebar that tells where people are from that are reading this blog. Most places I totally understand how they come across it but there is someone from near Wylie Texas that looks at it. I am very curious who this might be. I don't know anyone close to there. So if you happen to look at this blog and are from anywhere near Wylie I would love you to leave a post and satisfy my curiosity. Thanks

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