Monday, September 21, 2009


Well my morning started out wonderful. If you count carrying a puking kid to the bathroom wonderful (not). Andrew has some kind of bug and Ti has a cold. I had decided I would take Ti to the doctor because he screamed for about a hour last night after I took Andrew to Preschool.

When Andrew got up he was complaining about his tummy hurting and he said he didn't want to go to school. He usually is dressed and ready to go before anyone else. So I knew something was up. So after Timmy left with the older boys it all started. Andrew asked for the puke bowl.

You know that bowl that every family has. The bowl that is designated as the puke bowl. I think we have the perfect one. It is not very tall but big around. So when you are laying in bed you don't have to raise your head very high to use it. I mean if you really think about it, if the bowl is to high you have to do a lot more work and if it is not big enough around well it might not catch everything, you really do need the perfect bowl.

Now back to the subject of my wonderful morning. I quickly told Andrew if he was sick he needed to go to the bathroom. I could see it on his face. That moment when you are thinking do I grab them an run or should I try to contain the mess in one area. I thought we might make it. (NOT) We got to within about a foot of the tile floor. Now the fun job of cleaning. (NOT) This is usually Timmy's job. The cleaning up the carpet part. Lucky for me he was already gone to work. (NOT) I had to clean it up myself. Well at least I tried. Timmy worked on it some more tonight. I am obviously not very good at the cleaning the carpet part.

I quickly called Timmy and informed him that I could not take a puking kid to the doctor by myself since I would have Ti. He decided to come home around noon to help.

Later that morning I realized that Andrew was also running a fever so I decided it would probably be best if I just took both of the kids in. Ti actually was taking a pretty good nap ( probably due to the fact that he didn't sleep last night), so I wanted to wait until we woke up. We left for the doctor about 1:50. We didn't actually get to see the doctor until 5 aargh. We went to the walk in clinic on Wedington. If they had told us when we arrived that it would be that long we would have just went home and made and appointment with the pediatric clinic and waited at the house until that appointment. Timmy was very, very aggravated. He was suppose to be at ball practice at 5:30.

I went into the clinic to sign in around 2:00 and told them I was leaving the kids in the car with their dad until it was our turn. I was planning on waiting in the waiting room but she said she would call my cell phone when it was about time for us to go into a room. 2.5 hours later she called. aaargh I didn't want to have my kids in there with a bunch sick people. You should have heard all the hacking going on. Seriously people should learn how to cover their mouths when they cough. Turning your head the opposite direction doesn't cut it. I thought about stating my opinion about this but thought I would probably sound hateful. So I settled for just thinking my hateful thoughts.

They checked Andrew for the flu and strep and both came back negative. They said that Ti just had a cold and there was nothing that we could give him. I was afraid that it might have turned into and ear infection with all the screaming he was doing last night.

Ti went to bed pretty good tonight but Andrew just got up because he was really thirsty. I took his temperature again and it is about 102. Please pray that he gets over what he has really soon. His first basketball game is Saturday and it will break his heart if he has to miss it.


Cassie said... said...

wow! sounds like you all have had quite the day. I hate the puke thing worse than any other kind of sick

Anonymous said...

being sick all at the same time is a curse and a blessing. being sick for a whole month one right after the other is awful. i hate puke!

Alex and Jill said...

I've never cleaned up a child's puke. I did have to clean up after our English Mastiff when he got sick out on the patio. Oh my goodness...the smell. I don't know how I did it without throwing up. I finally got a water hose and just sprayed the entire patio off. Guess that wouldn't work inside the house though. The joys of motherhood, eh? :)

Praying your boys are better soon!