Friday, March 27, 2009

Another "Sweet Andrew"

Scene: Andrew, Titus and I laying in the bed. Andrew is singing to Titus.

Andrew "God Love You, God Loves You. In the bottom, In the bottom ( at this point I get a little nervous hehe)In the bottom of the sea. I don't like sharks. I don't like sharks).

He's got talent. Where do we sign him up for writing new songs?

Andrew - Mom, I love God with all my heart
Mom - That's good. Andrew, do you know what sin is?
Andrew - Something really, really bad
Mom - Who sins
Andrew -Adam, That guy that stole from his brother and then told his father he had to move away.
Mom - Andrew I sin.
Andrew - Silence and funny face

I don't think he is quite ready to admit that he does anything wrong.

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