Monday, March 9, 2009

Oh My - Public Restrooms

To all of you guys out there who know about Tim's dislike or should I say phobia of public restrooms this story will be even more funny.

Friday night we decided to go out and eat. We had a gift card to Red lobster so we had a nice uneventful meal there. Unless you think that seeing Dan Scoff the weather man as eventful. If you are a weatherman you are still considered a celebrity, right???? I thought about asking him for his autograph (just kidding).

Anyway, after our meal we needed to pick something up at Best Buy. By this time Titus was hungry so I fed him in the car while all the other boys went into the store. While in the store of course the boys needed to go to the restroom. Which they did without a big incident. It seems every time we go to a store the boys ALWAYS need to go to the restroom. After they got back to the car 20 minutes later we were on our way for dessert.

Timmy has decided that he loves hot fudge brownie sundays from Braums. I think he craved these more than any craving I had during my pregnancy. Anywho, after we all got our icecream eaten and we were about ready to leave Noah decides that he needs to go to the bathroom again. Well of course this makes Andrew need to go also (surprise, surprise). Timmy decides that I should go with them and stand outside the boy's bathroom door. (this part of the story Tim and I disagree on)

I have Noah walk into the bathroom and make sure there is no one in there before I let them both go in. Noah checks and it is empty, so him and Andrew precede into the bathroom after I inform them not to touch anything. ( I might be a little protective about the whole situation but you never know what kind of weirdo might be waiting in there). I stay watch outside the bathroom door waiting for them to finish. I don't know what I would do if a man actually wanted to enter while they were in there.

Noah exits the bathroom in just a minute.
Me - Where is your brother?
Noah - he is going poop
Me - what
Me - peeking my head in the door. "Andrew hurry up, you are not suppose to be going poop. This is a public restroom"
Andrew - I had to go

A few minutes later
Me - Andrew are you finished yet? .........Hurry
Andrew - You can't rush these things. ( where does he come up with these things)

A few minutes later
Timmy walks over to where we are at.
Timmy - What is taking so long
Me - Andrew is pooping
Timmy - WHAT
Me - This would have never happened if you had went with them. You would have been in the bathroom with them and told him to wait until he got home. (it is actually all his fault)
Timmy - You take the baby and Noah out to the car and I will wait on him.
Me - Sounds good to me

A few minutes later Timmy and Andrew enter the car
Timmy talking to Andrew - When we get home you are taking a bath
Me - What?
Timmy - He had taken his clothes off and laid them in the floor. There is something wet on his shorts. ( I think at this point Timmy is trying not to gag).
This is when I reinforced the point that this would have never happened if he had taken them to the bathroom.

Just to let you know. Timmy tries to avoid public restrooms at all cost.


Taylor Family said...

This story made me laugh! Thanks! I needed that today!

Anonymous said...

That is just HILARIOUS!