Thursday, March 12, 2009

I wouldn't say that????

I get these tips from Cornerstone Counseling. This is the one that came today.

Have you ever considered that your driving habits are an excellent tool to model character for your children? Driving a car can be very challenging...not only as a test of spatial skills and dexterity, but as a test of patience, anger control, forgiveness, concentration and focus, self-control, and in obeying authority. Many adults find these traits difficult. But, if demonstrated before children by parents, even in the mist of dealing with difficulty drivers, children are likely to follow in their own character development on and off the road.

On our way home from Walmart today a lady did not see me and pulled into my lane right in front of me. I actually didn't say anything out loud but Andrew in the back seat was yelling "WATCH OUT LADY, YOU ARE GOING TO GET RUN OVER". Surely he is not modeling behaviour he sees from his parents. haha. We are going to have to start showing forgiveness and God's grace even when we are driving. Just another area we fall short in.

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Karen L. said...

it probably doesn't help that he rides with me either!!!!
i always catch myself getting mad "out loud" when i'm driving. AND I'VE KNOWN THIS PRINCIPLE FOR MANY YEARS!!! so you might want to say an extra prayer for me on the days andrew will be riding in my van. :)

by the way, i didn't get the tip this week or last. can you forward it to me so i can figure out if my email has been removed from his list? thanks