Monday, May 18, 2009


Noah walks into our room this morning and says "She didn't even leave a penny"

Noah lost a tooth last Friday at school. It had been loose for a while. He told me he had asked few people to try to punch it out at school. The good mom that I am said "Don't be asking people to punch you in the face, it could hurt". Friday when I picked him up from school he quickly told me he was hit by accident with a basketball and that knocked it looser and then he pulled it out.
Anyway we went camping and forgot to take it with us. So finally on Sunday night we put it under his pillow. He knows we are the tooth fairy but he plays along with it to get the money. Now that's my boy. He hinted around about getting the five I had from the tooth fairy. I quickly told him that his tooth fairy was not that rich.
So finally, last night we remember to put it under his pillow and we completely forgot to give him any money. I am totally blaming it on Timmy. It was his job because he is the one that usually does it.
Just another incident to prove that we are not the perfect parents.
P.S. Don't worry. Before he left the bedroom this morning I told him she probably forgot and I was sure she would remember the next night.

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