Thursday, May 7, 2009


This was our first fishing trip of the summer. We usually go down to the river by our house. We can usually catch perch and sometimes a few small bass. We fish with worms so therefore most of the time during the summer I have worms in my refrigerator. Ooh the life with boys. Anyway we caught a couple of perch and a small bass on this fishing trip. Noah is pretty good at casting and we make him bait his own hook. I grew up where if you didn't bait your own hook you didn't get to fish. I am not making Andrew bait his own hook yet. He really doesn't usually fish much because he is to busy talking loud, throwing rocks in the water or falling in himself. He hasn't started following good fishing etiquette yet. Oh well we still usually all have a good time.
Yes, this is Noah in the background casting. Guess how many times I have to tell him to watch what he is doing. The first time I get a hook in the face, there won't nobody be happy.

Andrew had the job of sticking the pacifier back in . Ti was just hanging out in his carrier. He finally went to sleep. He wasn't to interested in the fishing thing.

Here is the first catch of the evening.

This was a small bass. I hooked it and Noah reeled it in.

I hope when the boys get older they will remember these times. I still remember fishing out of my dad's john boat. It's name was visitation. That way when people called the house we could say he was out on visitation. haha


Cassie said... said...

I love fishing...but it's not much fun with boys.

Anonymous said...

VISITIATION...that is hilarious! Worms in the that suppose to be unusual? I love boys!

Robin and Stephen said...

Aww, how much fun!