Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Not Me Monday - late

I have decided to do another Not Me Monday Entry. If you would like to join me in letting everyone no how life actually is please feel free.

I would never cut heart sandwiches and throw the rest of the edges away just to be a cool mom. That would be totally wasteful right?

I would never turn the baby monitor off at night just to get some sleep. Especially since you can only hear the real loud screaming from our room to Titus'.

I would never tell the boys to come look at a dead mouse we caught in a trap. Really that would just be gross.

I would not mow my grass while it was still damp and leave big clods of grass in my yard just because I thought it would rain the rest of the week. Really everybody knows I am the yard Nazi.

I would not wear the same pair of sweatpants two days in a row because I didn't want to dirty up a new pair since I was going to be mowing. And I would never go out in public in said sweatpants and then see tons of people I know.

I would never eat two pieces of cake with ice cream right before going to bed. Especially since I know I still can't fit into my old clothes very good. And I would never blog about that while eating oreos and ice cream and drinking a vanilla coke. Man that makes me feel fat just typing it out.

I would never catch my four year old setting on top of our car by looking out the bathroom window. And this four year would never try to deny it by saying you couldn't see me.

These are just a few of the things that I haven't done lately. What about you?

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