Monday, April 27, 2009

Field Trip With Friends

We made our yearly trip to the Gentry Safari with our good friends Mandy & Maryssa. The boys get so excited to know that Maryssa is coming to Arkansas to visit. We all wish that they lived closer. This is when we set out. Andrew is already to busy watching the movie to look at the camera.

It was really windy.

I had to blog about this. The kids kept on asking what they were doing. Mandy words were "I think they are playing" The kids were feeding them bread as they were "playing" Obviously you can eat and play at the same time. It was all pretty funny.

I think the animal standing behind them is half donkey and half Zebra. Probably all the animals there are not full blooded anything.

I think this was all of ours favorite part. This monkey was about two years old. They are not adults until they are seven and they can live about forty-five years. He was very friendly. He crawled all over us.

They also enjoyed the petting zoo part. Really who wouldn't want to pet a pig.

The goats kept on wanting to eat Maryssa's shirt.

These prairie dogs are sharing a cookie we gave them.

Here are some of the animals in cages that we saw.

This part was really funny. We would roll down our window and he would try to stick his head in our car. He was quiet friendly.

On the way there Andrew kept on saying he wanted to see a zebra. He got to see quiet a few of them.

The emus are everywhere. This is one ugly bird. We think they have so many to help feed the lions and tigers.

On our way home we stopped at Pizza Hut in Siloam Springs for supper.

Ti is tired and ready for a nap. He is yawning.

We are so glad our friends decided to spend the day with us. To bad our visits have to be so far apart.


Taylor Family said...

We had a great time with you guys! I wish we could see each other more too!

Cassie said... said...

did the turtles make really loud noises? When we were at the Tulsa Zoo a few years ago we saw the same wonderful sight. They were so loud that we could hear them from across the park. We told the boys they were playing too.

Jessica said...

Those little shorts on that monkey are too funny!