Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter - Part 3

We went to my parents to finish out the day on Saturday. You can see Tim's parent's house from my parents back porch. You can also see my Grandpa's house and Tim's Aunt's and Uncle's house along with his Grandma's house. It is really nice that they all live so close together. We get to visit everyone while we are down there.

Here is are some pictures from the backyard at my parent's place. Maybe someday Tim and I will have a place with a view like that. I would love to live on a farm surrounded by all kinds of animals. Except chickens. I don't like chickens unless they are dead and I am eating them. My dad has cows, horses, donkeys and even a miniature horse. The boys love going there and doing stuff with the cousins or hanging out on the tractor with my dad.

Memaws job was holding Titus. He pretty much slept the whole time.Riding the Go-KartNoah and Madison riding the go-kart.
Madison and Cassie riding the go-kart.

Everyone was having a lot of fun until Noah got his hand ran over. Somehow when you are picking up gravels to throw at your cousin who is standing watching, your hand can get under the back wheel of the go-kart. Go Figure. I think it hurt pretty bad but it just tore some of the skin off his fingers.

Andrew on the big wheel.

Yes that is a barb-wire fence he is headed for. The trick is that you turn really sharp at the bottom of the hill so you don't hit it. Adults should not attempt this.
Four Wheeling

I let Noah drive Andrew and I around on the four wheeler. Most of the time you could hear me saying "slow down and don't hit those cow patties I have my good shoes on". He actually is a pretty good driver.

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