Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter - Part 1

We went home for the weekend. Everyone had to take turns holding Titus.

Titus and Memaw

Titus and Aunt Lanna

Titus and Cousin Austin

Titus and Cousin Miles

Titus and PaPaw

We bought the stuff to color Easter Eggs. The girls were much more interested in doing it than Noah and Andrew. We had to make Noah come over at least to get one picture. Andrew did try eating one, he didn't like it to much. After hunting these a few times, and them being cracked all over, I have given more value to the plastic egg. All of the real eggs went into the trash can after the hunt.

I guess it is a good thing that I have all boys, because I enjoy doing something outside over coloring Easter eggs too. I am thinking that the coloring of Easter eggs might be a girl thing. Maybe we should have had an egg throwing contest or something along that line. Now that sounds like it would be really messy and a lot of fun.

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The Hickmans said...

Hey, at least you dyed eggs! We didn't even attempt it! =)