Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Another "Sweet Andrew"

Today in the car we were listening to KLRC. The song that says "leads me to the cross" was playing and Andrew was singing it.

Mom "Andrew, what happened on the cross"
Andrew "Jesus died, He CHOSE to feel that pain"
Mom "Who told you that"
Andrew "Mrs. Ginny, She knows a lot about Jesus. She reads her Bible"

At this point I had to call Mrs. Ginny and say THANKS. She is making a difference in my son's spiritual life. I don't know if my Sunday School class remembers anything I say to them.

Later in the car

Andrew "Yeah he chose to feel that pain. Then God made the earth shake. Then the chief guy said that really is God"

I remember when Mrs. Ginny told this story in cubbies. I probably can't count the times I had to get onto Andrew for talking and not listening (I thought). The getting in trouble thing happens every week. You really never know what is actually going through that mind of theirs.

I am so thankful we have people in our church who are willing to teach my child. It might not seem that he is listening to a word that is being said but obviously he is.


Cassie said... said...

You never really know what they hear until they repeat "their" concept of it. Cade told Allie all about having to have a camera stuck up his hoho (not his words) someday to make sure he don't have cancer like mom.

Anonymous said... little boys on Easter Sunday were surprised Jesus didn't "fight back". That is a big concept to a boy. It is neat when you have those 3-4 minutes when they are still and listening.