Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter - Part 2

I decided to break up my post about Easter because I had so many pictures. Saturday for Lunch Timmy's Grandma Fultz made everybody lunch. We had ham and cashew chicken along with many different sides and homemade bread. The food was great and afterwards we hunted Easter eggs with all the great grandchildren. Two of Tim's cousins have three boys a piece. The boys really outnumbered the girls today.Tim and I hid the eggs about three different times. Ready, Set, Go
Grandma Fultz held Titus while we were all outside. I don't think she minded.
Noah would rather play football than hunt the eggs. He did hunt a little bit the last time just so he could have some of the candy. I guess hunting eggs is not very cool.

All this hunting pooped Andrew out. He even mentioned to Nannie that he was ready to take a nap. Now that must mean you are really tired if you suggest the nap.We went an saw Grandma and Grandpa Disheroon after we left Grandma Fultz. We needed to show Titus off a little bit more. He pretty much slept the whole day.

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