Monday, April 20, 2009

Just Got To Be There

I was reading my Sunday School lesson for next week. It is in Luke 13. It was the part of the chapter that tells about the woman who had been bent over for 18 years. Could you imagine having this disability. Just thinking about it makes me want to set up straighter. Anyway, she was at the temple listening to Jesus teach and JESUS SAW HER!!! She did not request anything of him but he noticed her. If it were me I probably would have been saying look over here, I am hurting, what will you do for me. Not her, she was just there to hear the Almighty's words and He saw her. Maybe we need to a little more of the listening and just being there, instead of trying to get his attention on our needs and who knows what could happen.

I have read my Bible all the way through so I know I have read this story before but I never realized that he sought her out and she did not try to get his attention. Isn't it amazing how we can get something new out of Bible each time we read it.

For Sunday School I think I will have Timmy hide on the playground and see if the children can see him to illustrate this story. Won't that be fun. Hopefully it will be dried out enough.

Lord, Please help me be more interested in what you want to teach me than what you can do for me.

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