Friday, August 6, 2010

Andrew Is 6

Andrew was 6 last Sunday.  I will do a later post of all the birthday activities.

Andrew you are such a sweet child.  I love the way that you are so kind to the elderly and those younger than you.  I love the funny faces you make.  I love that you always want to be the one to pray and that you are very sincere in keeping everyone on your list  prayed for.  I love that you insist on wearing boxers because you think briefs look like girl's underwear.  I love that you are so tough about things.  You can be bleeding and barely cry.  I love it that you can let the sheep drag you around the yard and think it is no big deal.  I love it that you are not scared to try things.  I love it that you make friends so quickly.  I love it that you are friends to people that might not even want to be your friend.  I love that you will eat most anything except green peas or hamburgers.  I love it that you like to be in what ever room I am in.  Not necessarily to talk to me, you just play with your men or some other toy.   I love it that sometimes you will still get in the bed with us on Saturday morning. You just like to be close and I like to be close to you also. You are growing up so fast these days.  I am going to miss you so much when you start Kindergarten this year.  My prayer for you is that God will continue to draw you to him.  That someday soon you will really realize what he has done for you and accept his free gift.  I know you are so close to making that decision for real.  I pray as you grow that you will want to continue to talk to God everyday and bring the needs of your family and friends to him.  I pray that you will want to be exactly like your heavenly father.  I pray that you will be able to stand strong against the temptations that will be all around you.  I pray as you start Kindergarten you will be able to tell your friends about your Jesus.  I pray for you protection not only your physical body but also for your spiritual protection.  I pray that you will have friends that will love Jesus also and that right now God is preparing your future mate to love Jesus with all her heart.   Andrew I love you so much and am so glad that God gave us you.

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Karen L. said...

nice hair.

we called to sing happy bday but he was outside playing with his new squirt gun and i didn't want to interrupt and then we forgot to call back like i said i would. go figure.
hope he had a great day!